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How to hire a Long Island DJ.

So you are looking for a dj on Long Island and notice on google that there are at least 1000 dj’s to choose from. Do you shop based on experience, price, reviews or a little of all three?  In my personal opinion I would look at experience and reviews as a starting point. If you are spending $30,000 on  a wedding and hire a bad cut-rate dj for say $500 and he/she ruins your special day then this is not a wise investment.  Remember being a good dj is not just playing songs and making announcements. The song selection, timing and how much of a song to play is critical to making the dance floor stay in synch. Ask your DJ if he knows how to beat match songs. Also some dj’s not only beat match but key match as well. Some of the best DJ’s know exactly how and when to trim a song so the audience only hears the best part of the song.  Also make sure your DJ has experience in the type of music you want. You would not want a club dj at a wedding. Most club dj’s are not that great with wedding protocols and announcements.  So make sure your dj can spin the style you want. Ask for your DJ’s last three event reference phone numbers. If he/she can’t provide this then there is a problem.  Does the DJ have insurance, top of the line equipment with backup? How about reliable transportation?   Lastly if you are hiring the “house” dj at a catering facility keep in mind you are paying 25-50% more to cover the commission of the planner at the hall. If you are on a budget then simply hire someone who has no affiliation with the catering hall. Any questions please call Paul Groh (631)566-2045 at Allstar DJ Long Island.


Long Island Communion Entertainment and DJ Hiring Guide.


The following article was written by Allstar DJ Long Island. Contact (631)566-2045

Hiring a communion DJ can be challenging so we decided to take years of experience and networking and came up with a guide to help you in the process of hiring a great DJ entertainer that can not only play great music, but also entertain a group of up to 50 kids at the same time. A great communion DJ is a combination of game show host and great selector of kids friendly music. Most communions occur in April and  May and generally are at the same exact time (12pm, 1pm 2pm or 3pm start time) on either a Saturday or Sunday. Because a DJ can only do one 4 hour time slot per day  its a great idea to start the booking process 6 months to  one year prior to your event to ensure you get a great DJ. Here is a list of Long Island Catering Halls.


The first thing you want to ask the DJ is how much experience they have doing communion’s and kids parties. A good DJ should have at least 10 years experience of entertaining at kids parties and have a good understanding of how to interact with children, know how to play interactive games and also understand that he should play kid-friendly radio versions as to not offend any of the adults at the party.Ask the DJ to provide at least three references that you can call to see how his previous clients will review him.


Once you’ve secured a great DJ it’s time to start the planning process you should be able to go over different game ideas with him and give an idea of what you are looking for in terms of energy level music style  and individual needs based on your child.
Most DJ companies will play great music and provide games during the course of your event. Also consider other add-on features such as photo booths as they will keep your guests occupied and also give them a Keepsake to take home. Photo Walls are also popular and can be purchased here
Coming up with a theme for your communion is also a nice idea and we have seen everything from Disney, Hollywood and Under the Sea themed to name a few. For more information on party themes please visit Sherman specialties party company or Rhode Island novelty both companies have great theme ideas and giveaways.
Some DJs offer Live Zap Photos and Photo montages, both would be shown on flat screen TVs and come with a keepsake of all the jpegs that the photographer takes during the course of the event. A photo montage is a nice touch as it shows the audience all the growing up pictures of the guest of honor. Cotton Candy Machines at dessert time are also very popular.  For DJ’s, Photo Booths,Zap Photos and more contact Paul at Allstar DJ Long Island. 631-566-2045


Outdoor Games Include : Tug-o-War , Water Balloon Toss, Hula Competition, Sack Race, Big Boppers Race.

Here are Games Everyone Knows

The Limbo Lip Sync Air Guitar
Dance Contest Spot Dance Simon Says
Scavenger Hunt* Duck, Duck, Goose Twenty Questions

Huggy Bear:
The guests dance during a song.  At some point, we stop the music and call out a number.  The guests must hold hands or hug to form circles with as many people as the number called.  If we call “5” all people who did not get in a circle or do not have 5 in their circle are out.  This continues until there are just 1 to 2 people left.

Reverse Musical Chairs: Everyone spreads out in a huge circle about arm’s length apart.  A basketball or other small object is passed around the circle while the music is playing.  When the music stops, whoever has the ball is out.  Then we start the music again.  This time when we stop it, we make announcements like these:

The person to the left (or right, or both) of the basketball is out
The person holding the ball picks someone to be out (or picks between the two neighbors)
The last two people to touch the tennis ball are out
Play continues until there are just one or two winners.

Elimination Dance: We start by having the guests dance to a song.  Periodically, we stop the music and call out a description.  If the guest fits the description, they must leave the dance floor.  The song continues until you have 1 or 2 winners.  Examples:

Anyone wearing red       Anyone wearing a watch       Anyone with a hat one
Twisted Musical Chairs: This starts out like traditional musical chairs.  You have one less chair than people playing.  The music plays and contestants walk around the chairs.  When the music stops, the DJ also calls out something that the contestants must find and bring back before they can sit down. For example, the DJ might call out, “a set of keys.”.  Everyone must find a set of keys and bring it back to a chair.  A player is eliminated and then a chair is removed.  This time when the music stops and the DJ calls out an item to find, the players must return the first item before locating the new item.  Play continues until there is just one or two winners.

Tip Your Hat*: Needed: a large hat for each team or 5 to 8 players.  The players are in 2 circles: an inner one and an outer one. One player in each circle has a hat on his or her head. The object is to pass the hat round the circle. But the players cannot use their hands while passing the hat from head to head. The team which passes the hat round the circle the first wins the game.

Frankenstein*: Needed: thick string and any object roughly the size of a shoe box.  Two pairs participate in this game. Each pair stands hand in hand with their adjoining hands tied together. With their free hands (one with the right hand and other with the left one) they must wrap up a package, bind the rope round it and tie it in a bow. The pair who finishes the task the first is the winner.

Funny Phrases*: Needed: Twice as many index cards as players.  On those cards write various words.  Have lots of conjunctions and common words: the, but, of, a, and or.  Also, have lots of verbs.  You may want to write out actual sentences and then shuffle the cards.  Each player gets one card.  They must then go out in the group and form sentences with others.  When a group reports with a complete sentence, they get a small piece of candy or other simple prize, new cards, and they go out and make different sentences.  Shuffle the returned cards in the pile and hand out later.  The winner is the person with the most candy (i.e. the person in the most sentences).

Telephone Line: Guests line up one behind the other.  Starting at one end, whisper a detailed sentence or two into the first person’s ear. You can only say it once, no repeating.  Then, that person whispers it to the second person in line, and so on until the last person in line hears the sentence.  That person announces the sentence they heard to the group.  The miscommunications are usually very funny.

Centipede: Needed: a large room and a chair for each team. Each team forms a line with their hands on the waists of the player in front of them. Near the opposite wall there stands a chair or a flag. The teams run around the chair or the flag and return back. While running no player can take his/her hands off the waist of the person in front of them. If the chain is broken the team loses the game. The team also loses the game if it overturns or does not go around the chair or the flag.

Puzzle Pieces*: Preparation: using large letters write a word or simple picture on a 3″X5″ notecards.  Cut the cards into 4 pieces using unique cuts.  Then randomly pass out the pieces to the each puzzle.  The winners are the 4 people who find their complete puzzle.

Lily Pad Leap*: Needed: lots of old newspaper.  Each contestant gets two pieces of newspaper.  The object is to cross the room by only stepping on the two pieces.  If they fall off or step directly on the floor, they must start over.

Yes and No*: Needed: 2 or 3 tokens, buttons, or small objects for each contestant.  Each person is given the same number of tokens.  They must go out in the crowd and talk to the other guests.  If one guest tricks another into saying, “Yes” or “No” or shaking their head “Yes” or “No”, they get one token.  The player at the end of the time wins.  As an alternative, you can give each person identities (like Abraham Lincoln, Shania Twain, etc.) They must answer all questions about their character.  If the person’s identity is guessed, they are out of the game.

One Handed Race*: For each player there are a few small and big objects. The object is to carry all of them in one hand across the finish line approximately 15 feet away. The players must not use their other hand or drop the objects. The player who covers the distance the first becomes the winner.



  1. Be sure to motivate.

In a video game age where multi-media are coming to them from every direction, kids need to be thoroughly entertained.  Kids of all ages are sophisticated, they are looking for the “wow factor” that grabs their attention and doesn’t let them go.  Creating a buzz is essential; make sure your audience knows that your party will be something special, an event not to be missed.  An exciting event establishes a track record of success and draws attention to your future events. We suggest you download a poster and use it to create more anticipation for your upcoming event.

  1. Pick the right performer.

Unlike some kid’s performers, a Kidsdance DJ has the ability to balance “cool” with “clean”. Pick a DJ that has a good track record for performing at family, friendly events.  Showmanship, timing, and choosing the most optimum music selections aren’t talents one picks up overnight – Do you really want a practice DJ at your event?  Although you may personally know a friend who can DJ your event, that choice may not be your safest or least expensive option.

  1. Plan early.

Your guests will have a better chance to earmark their calendar and plan to be at your event with more advance notice.  DJ services tend to have a run on certain dates because of the demand of the date.  Be especially mindful of weekend dates before Halloween and Christmas as well as the last week of school for year end or graduation parties.  What this means is that most DJ services may have a limited amount of staff or equipment availability on the dates that are in demand.

  1. Plan smart.

If you pick an off-peak date like a Thursday night or Sunday day, you may find that not only will you have a better turn-out for your event because of less competition, you will have a more experienced and talented DJ available for your event.  Most DJ’s in demand charge a premium for a Saturday because that date is competing against major events in the community such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

  1. Pick a theme.

By picking a theme for your event you use a strategy to divert attention away from a more questionable music selection to many more choices of songs that are proven to work. This allows the DJ to balance potentially less effective marginal hits of today (as well as ones with a less positive lyrical content) with traditionally more danceable music choices throughout your event.

It allows the DJ to select only the very best of the popular tunes of today.  This strategy also allows you the ability to have each event uniquely different than the last event.


DJ’s, Lighting, Photo Booths

Below is a list of Long Island Decoration Vendors

Balloons  Uplights Centerpieces Face Painting

Long Island Catering Halls

Top Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for a Long Island Event in 2017


Created 1/13/2017 by Allstar DJ Long Island (631)566-2045

Photo booths are popping up everywhere. From wedding receptions to sweet 16’s and birthday parties, they’re the perfect party favor. If you’re contemplating a photo booth for your next event, but not really sure how it works this article is for you.

Weddings, corporate events, sweet sixteens, birthday’s are just some of the events that Allstar Photobooth in Long Island suggests. Basically any time you gather a group of people together you have a good reason for a photo booth.
Want your photo strips to match your wedding palette? Most Reputable companies will do this at no extra charge, providing a custom logo on the bottom of the photo strip to make it more memorable for guests.Get creative and carry your party theme through in little details like these.
All companies offer unlimited photo strips throughout the rental, so your friends from college can go bananas if they like. Most offer scrap booking supplies that guests add to as they go. At the end of the night you’ll have a fabulous keepsake.
Its common for a photo booth company to offer a flash drive or Disc keepsake of all the pictures at the end of the night.
The best part of the photo booth is all the sassy props. According to Allstar,
it is standard to provide goofy glasses, masks, hats, and more to get the party rolling. Maybe even your Aunt Edna will loosen up!
They (and other companies) also provide special theme event props at an extra cost. Another great source of PROPS is



There are 2 main styles that are used for parties and private events.

1 Open Air -This option is great as it fits in tight spaces and can have a fast set up and break down.  Ideal for all events !  Usually the booth comes with one backdrop. We have found red/maroon to be the nicest.

2 Enclosed Booth – This option is great for privacy and intimate moments. Probably not the best for a sweet 16 ! Its basically an open air booth with 4 sides/curtains around it.

For more info on photo booths click here

For Long Island Photo Booth Rentals contact the author Paul Groh at 631-566-2045 or


How to Plan a Sweet 16 on Long Island

How to Plan a Sweet 16 on Long Island

(1) Decide on a theme for your event. It may be a color you like or you can get even more creative and have a decade theme party. We have seen Hollywood theme, Winter Wonderland Theme, Candyland Theme, Disney Theme, 70’s,80’s and 90’s Theme, Beach Theme, Carnival Theme,Disco Party Theme, Super Sweet 16 Theme,Mardi Gras Theme, Under the Sea Theme and Zombie Theme.

(2) Choose a place to have your event. Low cost options include VFW and KOC Halls, American Legion Halls, Church Halls,  Backyard under a tent. Also some catering halls may be moderately prices as well.

(3) Once your have a place and DJ entertainment then its time to start on your music request  list and candle lighting songs. Remember when choosing music try to give the DJ one list for background/chill out music for dinner and down times and one list for pure dancing. Songs can be found on the billboard charts or my website.

Next choose 16 songs for candles. Each song represents a person or group of people you will call up to light a candle. At the end we will sing happy birthday and then after get ready for a father and daughter dance. If you

are having trouble choosing songs then tell your DJ and he/she will make recommendations.

(4) Consider props and a photo booth as a great source of diversion at your sweet 16. We can customize the photo to match your theme.  Buy props at or  both have some great ideas for your sweet 16.

(5) Lighting can make a huge difference. Most DJ companies on Long Island offer uplights. They are the most cost effective decor we offer. You can transform any room into the color scheme of choice. Also to create a nightclub

feel ask the DJ to change them to sound activation half way thru your event and they will change colors to the music.  We typically bring up 16 lights or more depending on the room size.


(6) Create visual excitement with TV’s and a live zap photographer. This camera person will roam around and take candid shots and then display them on the tv(s). You will take home a disc at the end of the night.

Also included is a photo montage which will bring the crowd to tears of joy when they see the guest of honor

go thru childhood up to present day!

(7)Have a great time at your event ! Take lots of pictures and have someone video record the special moments at your event to cherish for a lifetime.

If you have any questions please call the author Paul at Allstar DJ of Long Island 631-566-2045 or visit my website


Allstar DJ Long Island , Allstar Disc Jockey , Reviews Allstar Disc Jockey , All star DJ LI, Li Allstar DJ, All star DJ

DJ MC & Owner of Allstar DJ, Paul Groh has experience playing at some of Long Island and New York City’s most exclusive weddings and events. Paul has transcended the wedding industry with unique style, sophistication and creative mixing. You can be certain that your guests will take notice. Paul will create an exquisite atmosphere for your cocktail hour and dinner, where distinctively romantic sounds will transition to upbeat, fun and always tasteful music when its time to hit the dance floor.

Allstar DJ Specializes in 4 types of events : Corporate , Weddings . Sweet 16/15 , Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and family affairs (birthday/reunion/suprise) .
We offer great DJ’s, photo booths, up lights, video screens. photo montage (growing up ect.) and lighting.
We serve Long Island and NYC .

Call Paul today at 631-566-2045

Allstar DJ Long Island , Allstar Disc Jockey , Reviews Allstar Disc Jockey ,

Allstar DJ Long Island, All star DJs LI, Long Island Allstar DJ, Allstar disc jockey , Top 200 songs of all time august 2012

Allstar DJ Long Island uses a unique program to chart what bride and grooms are choosing for their dance request list. This list is an example of the finished product using statistical analysis for August 2012.


1   Black Eyed Peas   I Gotta Feeling
2   Lmfao Feat. Lauren Bennett And Goon Rock   Party Rock Anthem
3   Journey   Don’t Stop Believin’
4   Cupid   Cupid Shuffle
5   Lmfao   Sexy And I Know It
6   AC/DC   You Shook Me All Night Long
7   Bon Jovi   Livin’ On A Prayer
8   Diamond, Neil   Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
9   Morrison, Van   Brown Eyed Girl
10   Beyonce   Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
11   Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera   Moves Like Jagger
12   Lady Gaga Feat. Colby O’donis   Just Dance
13   Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer   Give Me Everything
14   B-52’s   Love Shack
15   DJ Casper   Cha Cha Slide
16   Jackson, Michael   Billie Jean
17   Def Leppard   Pour Some Sugar On Me
18   Pink   Raise Your Glass
19   Cruz, Taio   Dynamite
20   Lynyrd Skynyrd   Sweet Home Alabama
21   Beatles   Twist And Shout
22   Sir Mix-A-Lot   Baby Got Back
23   Outkast   Hey Ya!
24   Usher Feat. Ludacris & Lil’ Jon   Yeah
25   Isley Brothers   Shout
26   Clapton, Eric   Wonderful Tonight
27   Usher Feat. Will.I.Am   Omg
28   Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris   We Found Love
29   Perry, Katy   Firework
30   Lopez, Jennifer Feat. Pitbull   On The Floor
31   Sister Sledge   We Are Family
32   Train   Marry Me
33   Brooks, Garth   Friends In Low Places
34   Kool & The Gang   Celebration
35   ABBA   Dancing Queen
36   Sinatra, Frank   The Way You Look Tonight
37   Temptations   My Girl
38   Jackson, Michael   Thriller
39   Timberlake, Justin   Sexyback
40   Loggins, Kenny   Footloose
41   Mars, Bruno   Just The Way You Are
42   James, Etta   At Last
43   Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Band   Old Time Rock & Roll
44   Brown, Chris   Forever
45   Vanilla Ice   Ice Ice Baby
46   Rihanna   Don’t Stop The Music
47   Lady Gaga   Poker Face
48   Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta   Club Can’t Handle Me
49   Jackson, Michael   Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
50   Black Eyed Peas   Boom Boom Pow
51   Foundations   Build Me Up Buttercup
52   Commodores   Brick House
53   Lmfao Feat. Lil Jon   Shots
54   Presley, Elvis   Can’t Help Falling In Love
55   Houston, Whitney   I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
56   Jackson, Michael   P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
57   Minaj, Nicki   Super Bass
58   Mraz, Jason   I’m Yours
59   Armstrong, Louis   What A Wonderful World
60   Black Eyed Peas   The Time (Dirty Bit)
61   Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain   Low
62   Flo Rida   Good Feeling
63   Village People   Y.M.C.A.
64   Wild Cherry   Play That Funky Music
65   Black Eyed Peas   Let’s Get It Started
66   Rihanna   Only Girl (In The World)
67   Righteous Brothers   Unchained Melody
68   Big & Rich   Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)
69   Bee Gees   Stayin’ Alive
70   Adele   Rolling In The Deep
71   House Of Pain   Jump Around
72   Adams, Bryan   Summer Of ’69
73   Jackson, Michael   The Way You Make Me Feel
74   Brown Band, Zac   Chicken Fried
75   Lauper, Cyndi   Girls Just Want To Have Fun
76   Aerosmith   I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
77   Griffiths, Marcia   Electric Boogie (Electric Slide)
78   Rednex   Cotton Eye Joe
79   Dexy’s Midnight Runners   Come On Eileen
80   Rascal Flatts   Bless The Broken Road
81   Earth, Wind & Fire   September
82   Lonestar   Amazed
83   Mraz, Jason & Colbie Caillat   Lucky
84   Far East Movement Feat. The Cataracs & Dev   Like A G6
85   California Swag District   Teach Me How To Dougie
86   Jepsen, Carly Rae   Call Me Maybe
87   Green, Cee Lo   Forget You
88   Cyrus, Miley   Party In The U.S.A.
89   Lady Gaga   Bad Romance
90   Usher   DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
91   Buble, Michael   Everything
92   Ke$Ha   Tik Tok
93   Jackson, Michael   Beat It
94   Queen   Crazy Little Thing Called Love
95   Journey   Faithfully
96   Johnson, Jack   Better Together
97   Mars, Bruno   Marry You
98   Flo Rida Feat. Sia   Wild Ones
99   Brown, Chris   Yeah 3x
100   Lady Gaga   Born This Way
101   Springfield, Rick   Jessie’s Girl
102   Perry, Katy   Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
103   Salt-N-Pepa   Push It
104   Minaj, Nicki   Starships
105   Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z   Crazy In Love
106   Sugarland   Stuck Like Glue
107   Young M.C.   Bust A Move
108   Guns N’ Roses   Sweet Child O’ Mine
109   Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes   (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life
110   Shelton, Blake   God Gave Me You
111   Checker, Chubby   The Twist
112   Ke$Ha   Blow
113   Kid Rock   All Summer Long
114   Bryan, Luke   Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
115   Jay-Z Feat. Alicia Keys   Empire State Of Mind
116   Green, Al   Let’s Stay Together
117   Trey Songz Feat. Nicki Minaj   Bottoms Up
118   Nelly   Hot In Herre
119   Jordan, Montell   This Is How We Do It
120   Fun. Feat. Janelle Monae   We Are Young
121   Thompson Square   Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
122   Flo Rida Feat. Keisha   Right Round
123   Wanted   Glad You Came
124   Four Tops   I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
125   Madonna   Like A Prayer
126   Lady Gaga   The Edge Of Glory
127   Taylor, James   How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
128   Hammer, M.C.   U Can’t Touch This
129   Brooks & Dunn   Boot Scootin’ Boogie
130   Paisley, Brad   She’s Everything
131   V.I.C.   Wobble
132   50 Cent   In Da Club
133   Cobra Starship Feat. Sabi   You Make Me Feel…
134   Foster The People   Pumped Up Kicks
135   Sinatra, Frank   Fly Me To The Moon
136   Buble, Michael   Save The Last Dance For Me
137   Iglesias, Enrique Feat. Pitbull   I Like It
138   Mcgraw, Tim With Faith Hill   It’s Your Love
139   Romantics   What I Like About You
140   Los Del Rio   Macarena
141   Adele   Make You Feel My Love
142   Jones, Norah   Come Away With Me
143   Kings Of Leon   Sex On Fire
144   One Direction   What Makes You Beautiful
145   Jackson 5   ABC
146   Train   Hey Soul Sister
147   KC & The Sunshine Band   Get Down Tonight
148   Prince   Kiss
149   Cascada   Evacuate The Dancefloor
150   Rascal Flatts   My Wish
151   Beatles   All You Need Is Love
152   Shelton, Blake   Honey Bee
153   Perry, Katy   Teenage Dream
154   Guetta, David Feat. Usher   Without You
155   King, Ben E.   Stand By Me
156   Franti, Michael & Spearhead   Say Hey (I Love You)
157   Paisley, Brad   Then
158   Adams, Bryan   (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
159   Pink   Get The Party Started
160   Guetta, David Feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj   Where Them Girls At
161   Daft Punk   One More Time
162   K-Ci & Jojo   All My Life
163   West, Kanye Feat. Jamie Foxx   Gold Digger
164   Harris, Calvin   Feel So Close
165   Cheap Trick   I Want You To Want Me
166   U2   Beautiful Day
167   Gaye, Marvin   Let’s Get It On
168   Iglesias, Enrique Feat. Ludacris   Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)
169   Franklin, Aretha   Respect
170   Guetta, David Feat. Akon   Sexy Chick
171   Mcgraw, Tim   My Best Friend
172   UB40   Red Red Wine
173   Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown   International Love
174   Black Eyed Peas   Imma Be
175   Travolta, John & Olivia Newton-John   Grease Megamix
176   Aerosmith   Walk This Way
177   Idol, Billy   White Wedding
178   Smith, Will   Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
179   Pitbull Feat. T-Pain   Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)
180   Buffett, Jimmy   Margaritaville
181   A-Ha   Take On Me
182   Lady Antebellum   Just A Kiss
183   Sinatra, Frank   Come Fly With Me
184   Queen   Another One Bites The Dust
185   Digital Underground   The Humpty Dance
186   Temptations   Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
187   Sorta Crackers Band   Chicken Dance
188   Spears, Britney   Till The World Ends
189   Cash, Johnny   Ring Of Fire
190   Dion   Runaround Sue
191   Eagles   Hotel California
192   Keith, Toby   Red Solo Cup
193   Rascal Flatts   Life Is A Highway
194   Swift, Taylor   Love Story
195   Sledge, Percy   When A Man Loves A Woman
196   Lifehouse   You And Me
197   Gaynor, Gloria   I Will Survive
198   Checker, Chubby   Let’s Twist Again
199   Violent Femmes   Blister In The Sun
200   Big & Rich   Lost In This Moment

Allstar DJ Long Island and How to have a great communion celebration

Having a great communion can be a daunting task. You have to entertain a broad range of ages, and that means having someone to not only play good music but also act as a party games director for the children attending. We recommend at least 3-4 party games for the kids and 2-3 great dance sets for the adults. Some games we recommend are:

1 Mummy Wrap Competetion
2 Scavenger Hunt
3 Hula Competetion / Hula Hot Potatoe

As for interactive dances for all ages we usually go with the cha cha slide, electric slide, cupid shuffle, cotton eye joe and macarena.
We play an variety of music from the oldies thru the top 40 of today.If it is a night event we recommend a laser light show with uplighting. A photobooth is also a very nice addition to any package. We also  recommend at “growing up” photo montage on a big screen.
See our packages here for more information on what we offer:
For more information on having a great event we offer a free report at

Call Paul at 631.240.9706