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January 18, 2012

Long Island Photo Booth Picture

As you prepare for your big event, does the rental list include a Long Island Photo Booth? Momentous events such as Wedding’s, Sweet 16’s, Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s, Birthday’s and many more are finding that modernized and fully customizable photo booths where your guests can let loose and have fun are a perfect addition.

Let Allstar Photo booth be that extra something that makes the memories unforgettable. With one of our booths, the possibilities are endless. Costumes and props in hand, your guests will have a blast taking fun pictures to capture the happy moments at the event!

See our photo booth options here

History of Photo Booths
The earliest photo booths appeared in the 1950s, most often at the corner drugstore. Users entered the photo booth, dropped a coin in a slot, and four consecutive photos were automatically taken of the subject sitting on a stool. The photo booth then dispensed the prints in a strip. Early photo booths used chemicals to develop the photos, not unlike the way all photographic images were created before digital cameras. Early photo booths were hard-bodied and often made of wood. They were enormously heavy and their operation was slow. But they provided an enormous amount of entertainment value for very little cost. Some still exist today, and some are even available to rent, but delivery costs, resulting from their enormous weight, make them prohibitively expensive.

The new photo booths are digital, lightweight and portable.

Several years ago, with the advent of digital cameras, digital photo booths evolved. They were a lot like the early photo booths, with a few important advantages. Some were hard-bodied and heavy like the early photo booths. Others were soft-sided, lightweight (ours weigh about 80 lbs.) , and portable. Further, digital photo booths made prints at a much faster rate than chemical photo booths. Photo Booth Mania photo booths are an evolution of the first digital photo booths.


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