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How to Plan a Sweet 16 on Long Island

January 11, 2017

How to Plan a Sweet 16 on Long Island

(1) Decide on a theme for your event. It may be a color you like or you can get even more creative and have a decade theme party. We have seen Hollywood theme, Winter Wonderland Theme, Candyland Theme, Disney Theme, 70’s,80’s and 90’s Theme, Beach Theme, Carnival Theme,Disco Party Theme, Super Sweet 16 Theme,Mardi Gras Theme, Under the Sea Theme and Zombie Theme.

(2) Choose a place to have your event. Low cost options include VFW and KOC Halls, American Legion Halls, Church Halls,  Backyard under a tent. Also some catering halls may be moderately prices as well.

(3) Once your have a place and DJ entertainment then its time to start on your music request  list and candle lighting songs. Remember when choosing music try to give the DJ one list for background/chill out music for dinner and down times and one list for pure dancing. Songs can be found on the billboard charts or my website.

Next choose 16 songs for candles. Each song represents a person or group of people you will call up to light a candle. At the end we will sing happy birthday and then after get ready for a father and daughter dance. If you

are having trouble choosing songs then tell your DJ and he/she will make recommendations.

(4) Consider props and a photo booth as a great source of diversion at your sweet 16. We can customize the photo to match your theme.  Buy props at or  both have some great ideas for your sweet 16.

(5) Lighting can make a huge difference. Most DJ companies on Long Island offer uplights. They are the most cost effective decor we offer. You can transform any room into the color scheme of choice. Also to create a nightclub

feel ask the DJ to change them to sound activation half way thru your event and they will change colors to the music.  We typically bring up 16 lights or more depending on the room size.


(6) Create visual excitement with TV’s and a live zap photographer. This camera person will roam around and take candid shots and then display them on the tv(s). You will take home a disc at the end of the night.

Also included is a photo montage which will bring the crowd to tears of joy when they see the guest of honor

go thru childhood up to present day!

(7)Have a great time at your event ! Take lots of pictures and have someone video record the special moments at your event to cherish for a lifetime.

If you have any questions please call the author Paul at Allstar DJ of Long Island 631-566-2045 or visit my website



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