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How to hire a Long Island DJ.

March 10, 2017

So you are looking for a dj on Long Island and notice on google that there are at least 1000 dj’s to choose from. Do you shop based on experience, price, reviews or a little of all three?  In my personal opinion I would look at experience and reviews as a starting point. If you are spending $30,000 on  a wedding and hire a bad cut-rate dj for say $500 and he/she ruins your special day then this is not a wise investment.  Remember being a good dj is not just playing songs and making announcements. The song selection, timing and how much of a song to play is critical to making the dance floor stay in synch. Ask your DJ if he knows how to beat match songs. Also some dj’s not only beat match but key match as well. Some of the best DJ’s know exactly how and when to trim a song so the audience only hears the best part of the song.  Also make sure your DJ has experience in the type of music you want. You would not want a club dj at a wedding. Most club dj’s are not that great with wedding protocols and announcements.  So make sure your dj can spin the style you want. Ask for your DJ’s last three event reference phone numbers. If he/she can’t provide this then there is a problem.  Does the DJ have insurance, top of the line equipment with backup? How about reliable transportation?   Lastly if you are hiring the “house” dj at a catering facility keep in mind you are paying 25-50% more to cover the commission of the planner at the hall. If you are on a budget then simply hire someone who has no affiliation with the catering hall. Any questions please call Paul Groh (631)566-2045 at Allstar DJ Long Island.


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